Raptor Agro Forestry Solutions provides a unique and cost saving reversion method to ex-forestry plantations.

Based in Albany, WA – Raptor are ready to assist anyone with any of the following:

  1. Harvested plantations that need reclaiming for replanting,
  2. Ex-plantation property that needs to be returned to productive land as quickly as possible,
  3. Stumps that need dealing with before the coppice gets out of hand,
  4. You’ve been stump grinding but its taking far too long and is too costly…

As the sole distributor for Savannah Global’s patented Rotary Rake & Stump Puller machinery here in Western Australia, Raptor Group offers our equipment available for dry hire to ex-plantation property owners looking for a cost effective & efficient method of pulling the stumps and raking them into windrows well on the way to returning property to productive, high value land.

This stump pulling method occurs up to 4 times as fast as some stump grinding methods and is a very cost effective solution at the same time.

The team at Raptor Group are a practical bunch and look forward to hearing from you to discuss the best approach to reversion of your property.